YMCA Exeter MightyNetwork
YMCA Exeter MightyNetwork
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Welcome to YMCA Exeter MightyNetwork

Click the below to sign up to our online home. Remember - Sign up with peace, kindness, and respect!

About Us

The YMCA Exeter MightyNetwork is the online Facebook free home for YMCA Exeter Residents.

This is a place to find out about your accommodation, pick up tips about navigating life, find out what's happening, and connect with one another. 

Please treat all users with respect, kindness, and online smiles. 

Why sign up?

  • See what events are on at a glance. 
  • Help to find employment. 
  • Information over how your accommodation works.
  • Free from Facebook's algorithm.
  • Free resources. 
  • Available as an iOS or Android App. 
  • Connect with other members of the community. 
  • Its easy to set up other groups if needed! 
  • No more adverts
  • You control your data. 

Who's the host?

The YMCA Exeter Mightynetwork is hosted and updated by Andy Mackay. Digital Services Coordinator at YMCA Exeter.